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Ahhh Yes, DJing

The reason why I'm DJ Flashback of course. Started at such a young age because I simply loved music since I was a kid. Later my Dad, once he found out I was interested in DJing, bought me a Radio Shack mixer when I was 7 and made sure I learned how to mix two songs back and forth. He really just wanted me to commit to a hobby, but fast forward all those years and here we are.

Sadly the current reality is that the
COVID-19 pandemic will stick around much longer than anticipated, so gigs have been paused. So many great memories over the years DJing with some of the nicest and driven DJs who share the same passion for music as I do. 

But eventually we will be back on the scene again, more driven that ever, so stick around for the ride!

In the meantime, check out all my mixes on
Mixcloud by clicking here!

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