Monday May 18th, 2015

Hello all,

First and foremost I'm excited to be launching this website in it's entirety. I hope you enjoy it and I thank you so much for checking out the website.

This past weekend was a blast. From Wednesday at Rancho, Friday at Rancho again, Saturday proved successful helping DJ Sol rock a wedding and mixing at The Maverick in Santa Ynez. Can't wait to do it all again.

This week is full of surprises. I think this upcoming weekend will be one for the history books. Memorial Day weekend is always one of the busiest of the year.

Friday is the 2nd annual "This Bangs Block Party" at Rancho Bowl in Santa Maria. We will have Rancho Bowl's finest DJ's as well as many of the biggest DJ's from all over the area. 2 Rooms and an Extended area. Friday is definitely one for the history books.

Friday also marks the beginning of Lightning In A Bottle, a huge music festival that is put together by the Do Lab (who also put on their own stage at Coachella this past year). They will be having it for the second year in a row at Lake San Antonio in Bradley, CA. I will be there talking to organizers and be doing updates on here and for This Bangs so be sure to look out for that.

Saturday marks DJ Sol's birthday celebration at Rooney's Irish Pub in Orcutt. Be sure to attend there because again This Bangs will be sure to pack the house that night.

Sunday marks the DayFade at Rancho Bowl. 12 hours of straight partying with the 805's best DJ's. Remember no work or school the next day! This one will once again be for the history books. Drink specials galore!

Honestly I can't wait, it's going to be such a busy weekend.

I'll keep you updated.